4th Birthday Presents

2. LOL Surprise Color Change Bubbly Surprise We are in an LOL obsessed phase and this one is fun to unbox!

3. LEGO Disney Anna and Elsa Wonderland This is good to help them understand how to follow instructions and fun to build with them! We are Frozen obsessed in this house!

4. Play Hair Stylist Set This is super cute if your daughter is into pretend play. I think she “cut” my hair like 20 times this morning. The hair dryer does work a little bit.

5. Wooden Dollhouse for 12” Dolls This is a gift she’s getting after the beach. Every girl needs a dollhouse that likes pretend play.

6. Foam Pogo Jumper Our next door neighbor has this and Harper loves it! It’s so cute they jump on it and it squeaks. Comes in so many different colors and themes!

7. Encanto Miranda Dressup Dress Harper loved this so much she literally didn’t take it off all day. She even wore it to Catch Air. It’s super cute! She got so many compliments on it!

I can’t believe I have a FOUR YEAR OLD! She is so special and worth all the celebrations! Hope you find this guide useful for your kids birthday or even Christmas if you are an early shopper! Cheers!

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