Tailgating Must Haves

2. MASTERCANOPY Pop-up Canopy Tent This tent with the sidewall is cheaper than one that comes without with the deal they have on it right now! It also has the easy to press buttons so you don’t kill yourself trying to mash the buttons to fold it up and down.

3. GoPong 6-foot Beer Pong Table I am the kind of tailgater that has to play all the games! Way too competitive and gives me something fun to do! This table comes with 6 balls too.

4. 33 Gallon Pop-up Trash Cans We use these for every party we throw and will bring them to tailgate they are so convenient. They are also HUGE. Just buy the huge trash bags for these and then throw them in the trash bins wherever you are tailgating.

5. Isignia 50″ SMart TV This TV is 30% off right now and only $279.99! Just need a TV and a Fire TV Stick connected to a phones hotspot or by now cities have so many hot spots that you can also connect to. We can almost always connect to an Xfinity Wifi hotspot where we are with our Xfinity login.

6. Flagpole To-Go If you ask my husband this is on his must have list! He Loves having the flag flying no matter what sporting event we are going to he wants to bring this and fly the team’s flag.

7. UGA Championship Flag Gotta live in the glory of how the season ended, so we need to be flying our Natty flag!

8. YETI Roadie 48 Wheelie YETI with wheels big enough for an all day tailgate. SIGN. ME. UP! Have to have enough beer for all these games I like to play!

9. UGA Cooler Stickers This is a shameless plug for my best friends small business! They are officially licensed to sell UGA products. Their stickers are seriously the most durable ever. We have them on our Yeti, golf cart and even put them on our side walk for a party. They also have the new bulldog and red helmet with the G. Go check them out!

10. UGA Tailgating Chair Gotta sit down at some point. If you are not a UGA fan a non-logo option is linked here.

We are season ticket holders so this is quite literally our favorite time of year! There truly is nothing like Saturday in Athens! We start the season in Atlanta and can’t wait to be tailgating in the Gulch seeing all the flags flying and people back to doing what we love! Cheers!!

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