Indoor Halloween Decorations

2. Halloween Mantle Kit Love this kit! Comes with the spider net, web, lights, 4 spiders, Boo sign and the bats!

3. Pumpkin and Bat Halloween Garland Fun garland that is set to a timer so all you do is turn it on once and it’s good to go. Has many different light modes too.

4. Farmhouse Pumpkins Super cute as a dough bowl filler.

5. Halloween hand towels Bathroom towels that I picked out!

6. Lighted Garland My stair garland is from Target last year and they don’t let me post and make money (cough cough) so I found a similar replacement.

7. Halloween Decor Items I used the Knick Knacks in this pack for the dough bowl on my dining room table then added some pumpkins I got from Target last year to fill it.

8. Floating Candles I LOVE this vibe. I ran out of batteries but I’m planning on adding more. I bought 2 packs because we have a decent size entry way.

Everything else is Target and while I would love to send y’all links it takes a lotta time and if I ain’t gettin paid, I don’t really wanna waste my time. Please Target lemme share your stuff and get paid!!! My husband would really like that too! I’m getting in the mood to decorate the outside y’all! Stay tuned! Cheers!

May earn compensation from affiliate links in this content.

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