Boy 2nd Birthday Present Ideas

2. Bubble Leaf Blower Brayden has the lawnmower version of this and he LOVES it. He will really enjoy a new bubble lawn toy! This kid loves his manual labor!

3. Spidey and Friends Web Crawler and Action Figure Both our kids are currently obsessed with Spidey and Friends so we had to give him a toy! He loves anything Spider-Man and cars so this seemed like a win-win!

4. Jurassic World Rajasaurus Dinosaur like every other 2 year old I’m sure.. B loves Dino’s! He loves this little guy! Easy to use for a 2 year old!

5. Spider-Man Cape and LED Mask Brayden’s sister loves to dress up so this is why he loves this toy so much. He also loves to shoot the coins at things to pretend he’s throwing webs like Spider-Man. Cute toy for the superhero obsessed kids!

6. Tonie Box We went a little crazy for his birthday so this is on his Christmas list! People I know that have this love it!

7. Strider Balance Bike We LIVE outside and on our bikes. Brayden has outgrown every balance bike so he needed an upgrade!

I can’t believe I have a TWO YEAR OLD! It’s hard when your last baby grows up! He might be as big as a three year old but it’s hard to believe he’s already 2! The lucky guy gets to go to the UGA game with us! Hope he is a lucky charm! Go Dawgs! Cheers!

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