August 8th Weekly Picks

2. Nutrafol Women’s Hair Duo I have no idea why but my hair will not stop falling out, so I am resorting to supplements to try and save what is left and hopefully get what I lost to grow! This duo isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t have the crappy ingredients and I REALLY need something to work! I did the subscribe and save for this in order to get the 5% off.

3. Multi Plug Outlet If you have kids with tablets this thing is AWESOME! It is 10% off right now plus you can clip a coupon for an additional 5% off making it under $17. We have this in our ‘charging corner’ and it can charge our tablets, portable speaker, portable fan, and out phones. It also has a night light if you need it!

4. Ring Light Stand Since I am giving this influencer thing a try I suppose I gotta be like the cool ones and get a ring light. This one is 50% off! It has 3 different light modes and can be anywhere from 17″ to 5′ tall!

5. Dog Barking Collar After being stuck inside with my dogs for 2 whole weeks I realized they bark way too much! So when I saw this was 50% off I snagged two of them for my dogs. They have been at my moms house so I am not sure how they work, but it has 4.3 stars our of over 800 reviews! Stay tuned for my review!

6. Deep Tissue Massage Gun I had great intentions of buying this before my gallbladder went out, but this is 72% off and only $70! Once I am back in the gym I am most definitely buying this for myself or adding it to my Christmas wish list!

7. Bunch-O-Balloons 350 Pack These are 50% off and I literally buy these every time they are on sale. The kids in our cul-de-sac love them and it’s easy entertainment for me as a stay at home mom if I need to occupy my kids!

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