August 17th Weekly Picks

1. Rocketbook Reusable Notebook This thing is so cool! If you know me, you know I am big on recyclying and TRYING to do my teeny tiny part to help save the Planet. This notebook you can scan a QR code and it will take a picture of your notes and save them to your... Continue Reading →

Shark Theme Party Decor

1. Bunch-O-Balloons Self Sealing Latex Balloons YALL! The water balloon geniuses have entered the latex balloon world! I am shooketh! I haven’t ever tried these yet so stay tuned for my review. I do know the balloons come with adapters for different kinds of tanks. I really hope this works because if I never have... Continue Reading →

August 8th Weekly Picks

1. Customizable Glass Wall Calendar Fall is SUPER busy for us so I came across this pretty customizable calendar that comes in a ton of different sizes. You can customize your last name, the two boxes at the bottom and the color of the knobs. I can't wait to get this baby delivered and have... Continue Reading →

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