Shark Theme Party Decor

2. Ocean Waves Table Cloth With Fish Net Our kids are basically exactly two years apart so we are having a mermaid/shark pool party. This table cloth was a perfect fit for both themes! You can hang the fish net as a back drop behind the table or set it on top of the table cloth like it is in the photo above. When I saw this it was a must have!

3. Shark Candle Our little shark had to have a cool shark candle to blow out! When I showed this to Brayden he did not want me to put it away, so I am glad he loves it! Also very thankful the candle is still intact after his thorough inspection and few tosses, of course. Durable so far folks.

4. 26 Pieces Shark Balloon Kit I literally cannot help myself! We are having our party at our neighborhood pool that has like -20 sq. ft. of decorating space, but I just HAVE to get them 100 balloons apparently. I more so got this kit so we could at least have a few shark balloons, but I am sure I’ll somehow find a spot for all 26 of them. This girl loves to decorate y’all. Be ready for Halloween and Christmas.

5. Giant Number Balloon Harpers mermaid balloon kit came with a giant number 4 balloon so naturally I had to do the same for Brayden. This sucker is 40” and comes in all the numbers!

6. Striped Number Candle why do my children need so many candles? If you don’t know me you’ll know I overdo everything in life. I digress. My honest review is if my kids weren’t having cupcakes this year I would have sent this back because it’s a little small. Perfect for cupcakes. Too small for cakes.

7. Shark Party Plates Serves 16 There are some pretty disturbing shark plates out there y’all. I was quite surprised. That or baby shark but we’ve been there done that party. So this was a pretty okay option for children.

Now you’re all set to have the best shark theme birthday party! Hopefully you have more space than I do to decorate, but God willing I will optimize every possible space!

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