Smart Home Sale

2. Smart WiFI Bulbs 4 Pack These are perfect for if you go on vacation and forget to leave a light on and need to turn them on. You can control these directly in the Amazon Alexa app. Also, for pure laziness reasons when you are laying in bed and just might not want to get up and turn the lights off. Not speaking from experience or anything. This 4 pack is 20% off making it $31.99

3. Smart 3 Way Wall Switch If your house is like mine and has an ANNOYING amount of 3 way light switches, this product might be for you! It syncs the light switches if you are like me and that bothers the heck out of you! If you are not, you can also install one to a three way switch and still be able to control the lights via Alexa or their app. This gives you two smart light switches! Right now these are 20% off making them $31.99

4. Smart Wall Outlets 4 Pack These smart outlets can be used for lamps, your holiday decorations, fans, or anything else you like might like to have on a schedule in your home that is plugged into an outlet. I will be using these for our Halloween and Christmas decorations! This 4 pack is 10% off plus an additional $2 coupon you can clip at checkout making them $24.99. The holidays will be here before we know it!

6. Echo Dot Speaker We have a dot upstairs for all of our Alexa needs and I use it to play music when I am getting ready. We have an older one so I would like to upgrade to this better speaker version and see how much different it is! They are 20% off today making them $39.99

6. Amazon Smart Thermostat This is my favorite smart home device in the Winter. When it’s too cold to get out of the blankets to turn the heat up, or if you want to get the heat turned on before you go downstairs for the day. Definitely an appreciated thing to have! Today this is 20% off making it $47.99!

7. Smart Deadbolt Lock This is our year-round favorite smart home device! We literally have it on every exterior door. This one is also Alexa compatible and every night we just tell Alexa to lock all the doors in case we forgot to lock one of them. Also nice to not have to worry about having house keys with you! This smart lock is super cool because it also has a fingerprint scanner! This smart lock is 70% off making it $119.99

When we were building out house I thought we could forego the smart home package, but looking back I am glad we did it. As a mom of two kids and alone half of the time with my husbands job its nice to be able to have peace of mind by just telling Alexa to shut down my house and keep me and my family safe. Cheers!

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